What is the Mike Fitch Animal Flow Workout Program?

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Animal Flow Workout

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Although the Animal Flow Workout program is produced by Mike Fitch, the founder of Global Bodyweight Training, he doesn’t claim to be the inventor of animal movement exercises. These are, in fact, the result of his many years experience studying these types of exercises, in disciplines such as Parkour, Capoeira (a Brazilian martial art combining elements of dance and music, developed in Brazil in the 16th century, and now an internationally-recognised martial art – see Wikipedia , which is known for its rapid complex moves, using power, speed, and leverage) and breakdancing, and bodyweight training in general.

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Mike Fitch’s aim is to share everything has learned over the years and to bring together bodyweight enthusiasts to build a mutually-supportive community.

The idea behind the Animal Flow Workout program is very straightforward and down-to-earth – copy certain animal movements to tone all the muscles of the body – “You can really tone all those forgotten muscles by mimicking certain primal movements,” says Mike Fitch.

“I’ve always been interested in non-traditional methods of exercise, but was inspired to seek out new ventures when I was just no longer feeling challenged in my day-to-day routine. So, I put down the dumbbells and began using my own bodyweight for strength training. I tried gymnastics classes, adding tumbling, acrobatics, and hand-balancing to my workout routine. I was so impressed with the results I was seeing in my body that I kept exploring more non-traditional disciplines like Parkour, Capoeira and breakdancing. While each of these disciplines has its unique strengths, they also complement each other and share even more in common. Each uses bodyweight as its basis for building muscle and skills. I’ve been able to draw upon my expertise and personal experience to synthesize the best components of each into my own bodyweight training program. I’ve found that animal movements in particular translate really well into nearly every style of bodyweight training, and so it was natural that this would be my first DVD.”

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The stated objective of the Animal Flow Workout is to bring movement back into fitness and to get away from “fixed-axis machines”.

Mike Fitch created the Animal Flow movement after years of doing only weightlifting. He found that lifting weights meant that he “didn’t feel or move well” so he turned to bodyweight disciplines and soon found that he had “never felt or looked better.”

He is in fact 50 pounds lighter and credits this to Animal Flow and “progressive bodyweight training”.

What does the Animal Flow Workout Video contain?  

Section I : Instructions  

Mike Fitch guides you step-by-step through the easy-to-follow lessons. Starting with the essential animal forms, focussing on three A-B-C basics : The Ape, the Beast, and the Crab. You will learn the proper forms, uses, and benefits of each form. They may seem basic, but they can take a long time to perfect and need to be practised frequently for you to become completely proficient and fluid. The video gives detailed instructions on the correct way to perform the basic forms, travels, and switches.

Section II :  Workouts  

These are options for practising in small areas such as your home or large spaces such as outdoors: Dynamic Warm-ups: These prepare you physically and mentally for the animal forms Switches and Transitions: Putting the forms in motion is where the workout really takes off. Traveling forms: Serious conditioning with fast moves and challenging drills! Combos  – as you master the whole Animal Flow workout, you will put the moves together to create your own continuous flow of energy.

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Plus: Bonus Sample Workouts

You will also get 6 SAMPLE WORKOUTS showing you how to incorporate the new moves you learn into complete routines. These workouts will ensure that you progress and enable you to put together your own animal flow workouts. The workouts are provided as downloadable PDFs.

The high-quality, digital video is available for IMMEDIATE download via the official website for $39.99. In addition to the video you receive written Sample Workouts as a free download (PDF), which gives you 6  Animal Flow workouts you can do on your own.You also get the SPECIAL BONUS VIDEO that includes the three new bonus moves and two additional flows.

The video is split into 2 parts, to ensure easier downloads.  Part 1 is 18 minutes and includes all the instructional sections.  Part 2 is 27 minutes and  includes all the exercises in action. The the videos can also be played on iPad or iPhone – instructions for downloading and saving them are provided.

The Sample Workout is provided as an Adobe Acrobat PDF.

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